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Preventive Dentistry– Hillsboro, OR

Basic Care that is Anything But Basic

At Infinity Dental Care, we’re able to provide all kinds of advanced services under one roof, but we take great pride in our quality of general dentistry as well. With the services detailed below, we’re able to stop dental problems during their earliest stages and even prevent them altogether, so our patients can enjoy healthy teeth and easy appointments as the years go by. If it has been more than six months since you or your child’s last dental checkup, be sure to give us a call so we can safeguard your smiles!

Why Choose Infinity Dental Care for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Closeup of woman during dental exam

Every member of your family should receive at least one checkup and cleaning every six months to make sure minor dental problems are caught and treated as early as possible. At these appointments, a patient will receive a thorough exam in which their dentist will look for any decay or damage that needs to be addressed. They’ll also receive a deep cleaning from one of our hygienists to remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup from those areas of the mouth a brush and floss simply can’t reach.

Learn About Oral Hygiene Learn About Teeth Cleaning

Dental Sealants

Woman receiving dental sealants

The chewing surfaces of the back teeth are where most people will develop cavities first, especially children, because of their location and grooved surfaces that easily trap plaque and bacteria. Fortunately, we can give these vulnerable areas some extra protection by applying a thin layer of composite resin to them. This will literally seal the teeth off and protect the enamel to stop cavities before they even start. They only take minutes to place and can provide up to a decade’s worth of prevention.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Clear nightguard on metal tray

Are you not a morning person because your jaw and headache every time you wake up? Do your teeth look worn down like you’ve been doing nothing but chewing on ice? This might be due to you unconsciously grinding your teeth while you sleep, which is officially known as “bruxism.” To help keep your smile in one piece while you sleep, our team can provide you with a custom-made nightguard. This is a small oral appliance that fits over the teeth and places a barrier between them to prevent any harmful contact.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Dental team member feeling lymph nodes during oral cancer screening

In addition to cavities and gum disease, whenever you come to see us for a regular checkup, your dentist will also be on the lookout for the early signs of oral cancer. This disease is often deadly because most people don’t seek out care until it is quite advanced, but with regular screenings from our experienced team, we can make sure it doesn’t have a chance to sneak up on you. If we find anything that might indicate cancer in your mouth, like a sore or growth, we can help you get a biopsy and follow-up care right away.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Man with sore throat, concerned about oral cancer

Our team is proud to help patients identify early potential signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Some red flags that might indicate the presence of this disease include:

  • Lumps and areas of hard tissue
  • Patches of red or white in the mouth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Oral sores that do not heal on their own
  • A sore throat and a hoarse voice
  • Unexplained changes in weight
  • Tongue pain
  • Loose teeth
  • Ill-fitting dentures
  • Difficulty chewing or opening your mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Ear pain

Who Needs an Oral Cancer Screening?

Male dental patient smiling before oral cancer screening

Many people assume that smokers are the only people who need to worry about oral cancer. However, while it is true that tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, and other habits can increase the risk of cancer, this disease can afflict anyone, regardless of their age, lifestyle, or gender.

Tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, and roughly 10,000 die of it annually. That is why it is recommended that all adults get screened for it at least once a year. Fortunately, the screening process is quick and only adds a couple of minutes to a routine dental exam. Our highly trained team can spot suspicious tissues in your mouth before you are likely to notice them on your own.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

Dental team member performing oral cancer screening for young woman

An oral cancer screening is fast, painless, and noninvasive. Either your dentist in Hillsboro or dental hygienist will visually inspect your mouth for any unusual growths, lumps, or other tissue anomalies. They will also perform a tactile examination, using gloved fingers to identify any areas that might be cancerous. Additionally, they may feel areas outside of the mouth, such as lymph nodes on your head and neck.

Most patients are given the “all clear” following their screening. However, if we notice anything that requires further testing, we will help you arrange for a biopsy. A biopsy involves taking a small tissue sample from a suspicious growth so it can be tested for cancer. Patients who test positive for the disease should discuss a treatment plan with a qualified specialist right away.

Has it been more than a year since your last oral cancer screening? If so, we urge you to request an appointment with us as soon as possible. This quick and simple service could save your life!

Fluoride Treatments

Family brushing their teeth after visiting dentist in Hillsboro

Fluoride treatment is often recommended for very young patients, but fluoride can help people of all ages protect their smile and long-term oral health. Not only is it a quick and painless process, but it can dramatically lower your risk of developing tooth decay. For some, fluoride can mean the difference between having a healthy smile and multiple cavities! During your next checkup and cleaning, feel free to ask us about fluoride treatment in Hillsboro and how you and your family can benefit.

What is Fluoride?

Child receiving fluoride treatment in Hillsboro

Prior to your child’s teeth erupting, their body uses fluoride minerals that’s naturally present in foods, beverages (such as public drinking water), and certain supplements designed to make their teeth stronger. It also works to reduce their risk of tooth decay, which is quite common among younger patients still adjusting to their oral hygiene habits. However, fluoride can also be applied topically directly to teeth. While this typically occurs through the use of fluoridated toothpastes and oral rinses, it can also be done in a dental office.

How Fluoride Treatment Works

Patient receiving fluoride from a dentist in Hillsboro

Receiving fluoride treatment only takes a few minutes and can be administered in a few different ways. Whether you receive them in the form of a gel, varnish, or foam, fluoride treatments are easy to apply and can be completed in just one appointment. After cleaning and polishing your teeth, we apply the fluoride to your smile, then ask you to avoid drinking or eating anything for at least 30 minutes. This gives your teeth the time it needs to absorb the mineral and repair (or remineralize) your enamel.

We may recommend you receive fluoride treatment either once or twice a year, depending on your specific needs. For example, patients at higher risk of developing cavities (i.e. a genetic predisposition) may need to receive fluoride treatment more frequently.

Benefits of Fluoride

Children’s dentist in Hillsboro helping patient

Over time, teeth can become eroded by plaque acids from oral bacteria. This can put your teeth at greater risk of developing cavities and requiring restorative dental treatments to resolve. Fluoride works to protect teeth from cavities as well as promote the remineralization process. The American Dental Association as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend fluoridated toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water for that reason.

Who Should Get Fluoride Treatment?

Man receiving fluoride from dentist in Hillsboro

It is typically recommended for young children, but adults who struggle with tooth decay can find it to be quite beneficial as well. People with certain conditions that increase their risk for tooth decay can benefit the most from regular fluoride applications in a dental office, including the following:

  • Chronic dry mouth (which can occur as a result of old age, taking medications, or having certain preexisting conditions)
  • Gum disease
  • A genetic predisposition to getting cavities

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Woman with healthy smile in dental chair

You might have heard of fluoride before, but what is silver diamine fluoride? This compound gives us the ability to stop an active cavity without having to use a needle or drill, which our younger patients certainly appreciate! Applied to a tooth as a liquid, the silver kills any harmful bacteria while the fluoride helps reinforce the enamel. It’s a quick and noninvasive way to handle cavities, and it can also help patients who experience severe dental sensitivity.

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