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Root Canal Therapy – Hillsboro, OR

Reliable Pain Relief for Aching Teeth

Animation of the inside of the tooth

Do you have the kind of toothache that is preventing you from going about your day normally? If so, then it may have an infection in the dental pulp, which is the delicate nerve that lies at the center of every tooth. This can be the result of a longstanding cavity or crack in the enamel. Thankfully, root canal therapy in Hillsboro not only stops this type of pain but also saves the tooth from extraction as well. And, with the tools and techniques used at Infinity Dental Care, our patients are guaranteed to have a painless experience from beginning to end. If you’re ready to fix your troublesome tooth and get back to your life, give us a call today!

Why Choose Infinity Dental Care for Root Canal Therapy?



Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

woman holding cheek needing root canal therapy in Hillsboro

The main way to know for sure if you require root canal therapy is to visit our team for a dental examination. That said, you may be able to notice a few common signs that indicate a need for this treatment, including:





The Root Canal Process

illustration of root canal therapy in Hillsboro

Contrary to what many people believe, root canal therapy isn’t painful. In fact, it’s specifically designed to alleviate discomfort quickly and efficiently! To begin this treatment, our team will first completely numb the area of your mouth we’ll be working on. This way you won’t feel anything other than occasional pressure during your procedure. By using local anesthetics, many patients remark that their root canal process was no worse than getting a large filling.

Once your mouth is numbed, we’ll make a tiny hole in your tooth. Our team will remove any damaged, decayed, or infected particles before sanitizing the area to eliminate all remaining bacteria. Afterward, we’ll fill your tooth with a warm, rubbery substance to seal off the access hole. You’ll then receive a dental crown to cover the restored tooth, strengthening and protecting it from infections later on.





The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

man smiling after getting root canal therapy in Hillsboro

With this comfortable and straightforward treatment, you’ll be able to improve both your dental health and overall quality of life. Here are several important benefits you can enjoy from root canal therapy:

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