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Surgically Clean Air – Hillsboro, OR

Clean Air for Healthier Bodies

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At Infinity Dental Care, we care deeply about the overall wellness of our patients. That is why we have invested in a number of advanced technologies to make the care we provider safer, more efficient, and more relaxing. One of those investments is our Surgically Clean Air Purifiers. On this page, you will learn why clean air in the dental office is so important and how our air purifiers can give you total confidence that you are breathing only the highest-quality air when you are here.

What Are You Breathing?

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When you think of air pollution, the first thing that comes to mind might be smog-filled cities. However, many people do not realize that most of the time, indoor air is actually just as bad — if not worse — than outdoor air. It’s quite common for allergens, dust, dead skin cells, bacteria, viruses, and more to be hanging around in indoor air. Sneezing, coughing, and even serious systemic illness can result from contaminated indoor air.

Air Quality in Dental Offices

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Dental offices without air purifiers may have particularly hazardous indoor air conditions. That is because the use of dental instruments can release saliva particles and other bio-aerosols into the surroundings. Also, the use of chemicals, as well as dust from high-traffic carpet, can have a large impact on indoor air quality. Moreover, if a patient visits the dentist while they are sick, it may be particularly easy for whatever bug they have to escape from their open mouth and travel throughout the office.

While all of that may sound a little scary, there is really no reason to worry. Advanced air purifiers can trap contaminants and protect both patients and dental staff members.

How Surgically Clean Air Works

In our dental office, we maintain rigorous cleaning standards to make sure that our patients and our team members stay safe and healthy. However, since we cannot see the air, we cannot directly clean it. That is where Surgically Clean Air Purifiers come into the picture.

Most residential and commercial air filtration systems have just one filter for air to pass through. While they can get rid of many pollutants, they do not produce truly clean air. Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are different because they feature an advanced, multi-layer filtration system that includes a HEPA-RX, UV light, and more. More than 99 percent of contaminants are removed during the filtration process. In addition to filtering out contaminants that are present in most indoor spacing, Surgically Clean Air Purifiers also remove odors, gasses, bio-aerosols, disinfectants, allergens, and more.

With all of that air purifying power, you might think that this filtration system is noisy — but that’s not the case. In fact, it only makes about as much noise as a normal kitchen dishwasher. You will never have to raise your voice to be heard above a Surgically Clean Air Purifier.

Would you like to learn more about Surgically Clean Air Purifiers or the other advanced technology at Infinity Dental Care? Contact our team today. We look forward to chatting with you!

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